Redbox Franchise, A New Attractive Franchise

redbox franchise

DVD Rentals – redbox franchise

Nowadays, we can find a lot of business opportunity when we want to take it smartly. There are so many kinds of franchises that offer opportunity. Unique, different, and profitable are three main points to get the best franchise as business. Redbox is one of business opportunities that can you can try. Redbox franchise must be the outstanding one since it is like an automated kiosk which allows people to rent video game, DVD, or even Blue Rays. It must be outstanding with its red color which usually placed in fast food restaurant and other busy stores. Moreover, the customers can access Redbox 24 hours a day.

The Advantages of Choosing Redbox Franchise

The advantage of this franchise must be the greatest one since it will help people in renting a DVD or game while they go out to stores. Moreover, the Redbox has high technology which utilize with touch-screen that make it even easier to use. For the payment system, the customer can use their credit card and there will be a flat fee so that customers have to remember the returning date. People can see all of rental terms on the screen. So, Redbox franchise must be the most effective one for completing your business store.

Actually, Redbox franchise is not like other franchise since you could not own the machine. However, the system is you will get the income from the Redbox meanwhile the maintenance and owner still under Redbox. The requirement is easy if you want to place the Redbox in your store. The location that you proposed for Redbox must have high volumes of customer traffic. It must be the important one since Redbox only wants to place where there are so many people so that it will get attracted. It is also logical since the more customers pass the redbox machine, they will more attract to stop and even rent DVD or video game from it.

redbox franchise

DVD Box – redbox

The Cost You Need to Own Redbox Franchise

So, how much Redbox franchise startup cost needed? You just need at least $25000 for starting this franchise. With this amount, you can own a DVD rental business which most of 30% video game and DVDs from the kiosks. Besides, entertaining this franchise must be the attractive one since it is perfectly unique. Basically, when people find something unique they will likely to try that thing. It also happens with Redbox. The red thing in the crowded will get attracted easily.

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The requirement for Redbox franchise might be easy yet difficult. When the customers in your location only reach up to 15.000 people/weeks, it might be difficult to get Redbox. So, at least you have to have more than 20.000 people/weeks that pass around in your location. For Redbox franchise profits, it might be equal with the customer traffics in that location. So, it must be perfect if Redbox placed in the crowded. Moreover, Redbox recently gained its popularity so that people will eagerly to rent in Redbox. If there is a half of your customers use this machine, so that you can count it by yourself how much profit that you have.

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