Which are the Best Palm Tree Types for Your Indoor Office?

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Which are the Best Palm Tree Types for Your Indoor Office

Looking for decoration item for your office? There are so many items that can be put in your office room. However, the best one might be from natural items such as plants. There are many recommended plants that can be chosen to beautify your room. Yet, there must be some problem to put any random plants indoor since there are some plants that could not be grown indoor. So, you can deal with the indoor plan which is not only beautiful but also will make your office be more live. One of the best recommended is palm tree. Actually, there are so many palm tree types for indoor that can be chosen. Then, here are some palm tree varieties which is easiest to grow indoor.

Single Trunk & Feather Leaf Palm Trees

For the first recommended palm tree types comes from single trunk and feather leaf. There are some of varieties for this type which are The Pygmy Date Palm, The Pony Tail Palm, and Kentia Palm. For the first, The Pygmy Date Palm which is the beautiful and fresh plant for your office room. It must be the most suitable for your needs since it can be suited in container as you want. Then, if you do not want to have fruit from this palm, you can easily just prune off the flowers stalks.

Second, you can also choose The Pony Tail Palm which has beautiful color. When you look at it for the first, you may think it looks like a mini size of coconut palm. For you who like more elegant interior and add some natural items, this Ponytail Palm might be the best choice for placing in your office room. Still from single trunk and feather leaf palm tree types, there is Kentia Palm. This kind of indoor palm tree has characteristic as a palm which grows slowly when youth. By placing Kentia Palm in your room, it will also give some tropical feeling.

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Fan Leaf Palm Trees

The second types of indoor palm tree is from fan leaf palm tree which has obviously has characteristic with its leaf shaped like fan. For the first recommendation from fan leaf palm tree is The Lady Palm which is the attractive one. It is the easiest one for growing it even you are the beginner for planting this kind of plants. Then, you can also have The Chinese Fan Palm which usually can be found as interior items. The young and small Chinese Fan Palm might be the best one for your office.

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The Colorful Palm Trees

If you prefer the colorful one, still you can take palm trees as the best choice. By placing these plants, you can easily get palm tree identification. The Flame Thrower Palm or also known as Red Feather Palm is the unique one since it has red color for its leaves. Basically, it will turn green for long time but for its fruit and new leaves will be red. Moreover, this Flame Thrower is the easy-to-keep types of indoor palm.

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