How to Open a Starbucks Franchise?

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How to Open a Starbucks Franchise

Who does not know Starbucks? Everyone in this world might already knew about Starbucks, especially for you who cannot leave a day without coffee. Nowadays, we can easily find Starbucks shop everywhere we go. This kind of business can be called as franchise. As information, at the first Starbucks rejected to have franchise for its business. The reason is for Starbuck is kind of owned store. However, in February Starbucks Franchise International opened for the first time in Liphook, the eastern district of Hampshire. In its popularity, Starbucks has been served in high good quality coffee. So, for some of coffee lovers might get interested to take a part as Starbuck franchise. How to take a part in this franchise? Just check this out!

Starbucks Franchise Regulation

For the first step to own Starbuck franchise is by fulfilling its regulation. There are some regulation that must be followed if you want to own the franchise. First, you have to own a liquid asset minimum in $600,000 for investment. It has reason why your liquid asset must be the first regulation since Starbucks will deal as a storey building which is obviously it has characteristic with solitude, relaxation, and also comfortable armchairs. Second, the experience about food and beverage industry is needed for Starbucks. In specific, you are recommended to have background and experience in managing a restaurant. Third, you have to have a willing to get multi-unit franchise. In short, you have to be ready to open up to 20 locations in every 5 years period.

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Actually, for the best architecture standardization by Starbucks there will be a development team who will assist you to get a good location to open up Starbucks in more than 20 locations. However, there will be no any financial assistance for your Starbucks franchise. So, you can control the financial by yourself with the most respected action from Starbucks in operating business plan.

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Starbucks Coffe Recipes Book

Starbucks Franchise

Many of people might questioning on how the cost of a Starbucks franchise is. For some reason, there are not exact calculation on having franchise of Starbucks. Moreover, Starbuck franchise might have some different regulation which must be suited with the certain place’s rule. So, for Starbucks franchise cost for the franchise you might to take some information to customer service or the other Starbucks. Since it has different offer for some country, you may be difficult to get the right amount of the rental.

Starbucks Coffee Franchise Opportunities

As the well-known coffee shops, Starbucks has been known as its opportunities. There are some of opportunities that can be taken by opening Starbucks franchise. First, there will be more significant net worth for you as the owner. Second, you will need live in Europe. Third, there will be more experience in food and beverage knowledge. Remember that, you have to open new franchise from you so that you can be well-known. Moreover, if you are succeed to own a multi-food of Starbucks as beverage and food operation, there will be the great another opportunity to take more than 20 branch franchise.

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