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freelance writing gigs

Online writing jobs

Get a job while you are still busy with your lecture? It is still possible. One of the best recommended job for college student is to be a freelance writer. Although it still meet deadline, you can arrange your time and get the money. It doesn’t matter while you are still busy with your lecture. This kind of job also known as freelance writing gigs. What you need for this job is only a laptop and internet connection. If you want something challenging, then you can try this one!

However, to be freelance writer might be easiness in difficulty since you have to manage your time well. You have to manage your lecture time and writing deadline. Actually, there is no instant thing as freelance writing. However, this job is not only require for college student but also some people who even have not any experience yet in writing can join freelance writing gigs. Nowadays, you can easily find the recruitment.

The Best Place to Earn Money by Writing

freelance writing gigs

How to apply for freelance writing jobs

First, Content Mill Jobs which is a website where a client can post work that they need for freelance writers. Then, they will post more details about writing. There are some of content mill which are article document which pays based on writing quality. BlogMutt which let you to gain more level from writing articles and pays in every Monday after your invoice, ClearVoice which payment can be filtered by line or per word, Domainite which pays $1/100 written words, and many more.

Second choice is freelance marketplace which is more specific. In freelance marketplace, the clients can post the jobs to marketplace and then freelancers bid on them while sending their profiles, resumes and portfolios. So, the clients will choose the freelancer that want to hire. One of the best places that you can try for freelance writing gigs is Freelancer which has varied fees. Guru is also easy to apply but the fees will be based on membership status. Or you can try PeoplePerHour where you can create your hourlies for writing. And Upwork where the fees will be based on how long you have worked with the client.

Moreover, there are also so many space for freelance writing gigs for beginners. It is not always start from Content Mill or Marketplace Freelance. Job Boards are the best place for you as beginner to turn to. In Job Boards, still you have to prepare your portfolio. There are some of best job boards that you can apply.

For the first trusted freelance writing job boards is Blogging Pro where there must be daily update with new one for all expertise areas. Craiglist is a place where you can check the writing jobs on your area or anywhere near you. Freelance Writing Jobs is a place where you can find so many freelance writing gigs where clients usually place ads for the job. Indeed which frequently add some new jobs  with your writing skills. ProBlogger is also a good place since it has many kinds of quality freelance writing jobs. And Work at Home Adventures which also include freelance writing gigs.

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