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Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy – Intelligence adds up

At some point of your life, you may have questioned ‘What is Survey Savvy?’ Well, Survey Savvy is an online survey that gives you, money. You take the survey online in exchange for cash and you get paid by check.

Like most survey websites, you will get money in US dollars regardless of what country you live in. You will earn that after you complete online surveys for companies. Usually, you will get $1 to $2 for your time and you can request a check with $1 only to your account! Basically, it is the same deal as another popular survey on the internet. If you can complete a survey but you get disqualified, you can still earn money by entry into the cash draw. You can be one of the winners and you will get $10 to your account.

What is Savvy Connect?

Savvy Connect

Savvy Connect

Savvy Connect is the new tool from this online survey. Its purpose is organizing the members from internet surfing habits and allow them to participate in market research by surfing the internet both online and on a mobile phone. This tool will collect the data to provide analysis on internet surfing habits. Don’t worry, all of the information is safe and it’s for social research purposes only. You can install Savvy Connect both on your desktop and mobile phone. It allows the members to access additional paid research opportunities.

The type of information is beneficial to some companies since it can help them to develop product and provide service that fit the needs of the market based on the trends in the market from the data. This information gets collected to highlight the trends and gaps in the market. If you download the app to complete the surveys, the company offers you more money.

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What is 2 Tiered Referral Program?

It is a program that will help you to earn a fee from the people that you’ve invited and from the people they invited as well. This is called direct referrals and the referrals of your referrals fee. But this program won’t really appeals to some members who doesn’t know the “know-how” to invite people and convince them to sign up.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy Earnings

Survey Say Review

Is Survey Savvy legit? Let’s find out by reading the review below!

The Pros

The 2 tiered referral program would the plus thing if there’s anything to like about this online survey. Since the feature will make some people interest and take notice of the possibility to make more money if you can do it right on the online survey. But still, there is a possibility to not earning much. And when you earn a stable income by this program then you can share the “know-how” to do this right.

Another thing to like is the fact that Survey Savvy adds the member to a draw if you can complete a survey. But then don’t hope too much. At least you can have a chance for monthly prizes just by answering the question.

The Cons

This online survey does have the same issues like a most online survey. You will not get the money if you already complete the survey before.

So, are you interest in taking this online survey?

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