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mafia quotes

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Our life is full of paradox. Everything in this live has its own bad and good side. As a good person, we have to stand to do the wise thing to face everything. We have to learn a good thing no matter what we learn is about. The example of a good and bad thing in one learning is knowing about mafia. I do believe that many people do not thing mafia as a good people. However, we should remember that we might learn some good things from them and learn a bit about life for them. As some mafia quotes can be a good thing, even for your business or many important things, pay attention to some quotes as follow.

Inspiring Mafia Quotes

In this world, some people might familiar with some names of mafia that work with their bad job to do the bad things. Every mafia has different job. Some of them are robbing, some other are selling drugs, and some other are killing people. Yet, sometimes their quotes are inspiring. For the example is that, Richard Kuklinski, who was known as a killer of many people who has many ways, has a good quote that said: “If there is a will, there is always a way my friend”. The saying is telling about how important having a will, so there will always be a way. Well, what do you thing about this mafia quotes?

Some mafia inspirational quotes still can give you a good learning from their words, even though it comes from the mafia. The quotes are still the same with the other wise words that we can get the learning about life. The matter is that whether we can take it as a learning or end up with judging the words, only because the person who said it is a mafia. The quotes from mafia still can give us some inspiration, as we can get from the quotes that said “After a victory, sharpen your knife”, which will always remind us about struggling, even though we already become the winner.

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mafia quotes

Empires Aren’t Built In One Day – Mafia Quotes

Is There Any Mafia Quotes about Trust?

Not merely about struggle, sometime, mafia quotes about trust is also inspiring. As mafias are also a human being, of course, they also have trust and have people that they can trust. “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” is the example of mafia quotes that tell you about how you could keep your friend. Besides that, you still can find several quotes about friendship and loyalty of a friend from some mafias.

Actually, we can find many quotes from mafia that we can use it as learning. It proves that even though we might have a thought that mafia is a bad person, it does not mean we cannot get any learning from them. We still can get the learning from their words, take a good learning from them and avoid the bad things that they might do in their life. Rather than judging the mafia as if they do not have any good thing in their life, it would be better to try to take a good learning from the quotes that sometimes give us the wise vibe for life. So, which one is your favorite mafia quotes?

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