3 Cell Phone Booster for Better Signal at Home

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Better Signal Booster at Home

Having a sophisticated phone will be in vain if you don’t get enough signal for your phone. Signal from your provider or carrier is very important for making phone call, sending text and using internet data. Even if you use Wifi, something is not always reachable through internet. If you live in area that catches bad signal, there are some services that will help to catch signal cell phone booster . Also, it is strengthen the data received and sent by phone. Here are some of the best cell phone signal boosters for your device.

zBoost ZB545 SOHO Cell Phone Booster

cell phone booster

zBoost ZB545

zBoost ZB545 is a cell phone signal booster for home with many features. Those features are mounting external antenna to catch signal and make your cell phone easily receive it, simple set up to define the frequency with either GSM or CDMA. However, this device has not covered 3G, HSDPA and LTE yet since this is the economical version by zBoost. For those who also need signal booster for data connection, you can choose the ZB575 that covers data connection from 3G to LTE. However if you only need signal booster for call and text reception especially if you use wireless phone at home, this is a good device with reasonable price.

Wilson Electronic DT Cell Phone Booster

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Wilson Electronic DT

Another good signal booster is Wilson Electronic DT. It is a signal booster for home and office and can work for any carrier including for at&t cell phone signal booster. This features a 3G and 4G coverage to strengthen your data connection. It also has simple setting with external antenna to catch better signal. It has mounting hardware since it is a directional only so it may not catch better signal if there are too many buildings around the tower. However, after zBoost, this one is not quite pricey and a good one to strengthen signal.

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Cisco AT&T Micro Cell Wireless Antenna Cell Phone Booster

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Cisco AT&T Micro Cell Wireless Antenna

This signal booster, as the name said, works well as at&t cell phone signal booster. It is specifically made for at&t and there are also models for other carrier. It covers 3G, HSDPA, and LTE signal so it is good to strengthen data and make the internet connection faster. Also, it has wireless antenna which works for difficult area with very poor signal. If you use other carrier that is not at&t you can still choose other models for other carrier and it works just fine as well. The price is a bit expensive but it has the latest technology of boosting signal. It is worth it because you can tackle the obstacles.

Cell phone booster is good for strengthening poor signal but keep in mind to use it wisely so it will not cut off other devices from receiving signal. And also consider which network you prefer to strengthen. If your device support 3G, HSDPA or LTE better choose one that is support or cover those network. Also consider the price and choose one that is reasonable for your budget, the poorer the signal, the better cell phone signal booster for home that you need.

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